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3D Graphics Programming with Direct X

Course Description:

Direct X is an API that provides an interface to the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). It has been developed by Microsoft and competes with OpenGL API. Most of the gaming engines that are used for programming games have been developed on top of either OpenGL or DirectX. Hence, theoretical and practical knowledge of DirectX or OpenGL is essential for any serious game programmer. This course will provide a game programmer with solid 3D graphics fundamentals using DirectX.


• Knowledge of C++ is essential for this course
• Knowledge of Windows Programming (Win32 or MFC etc.). The “C++ programming for game developers” course covers Windows programming and is recommended.
• The student should be familiar with mathematical algebra.


• Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
• DirectX 9.0

Course Contents

Preliminary Introduction to DirectX 3D graphics fundamentals
Introduction to Microsoft COM (Component Object Model) About DirectX Coordinate System (2D & 3D)
DirectX and COM Installation class as an abstraction
Setting up Visual Studio for DirectX Left-Handed Coordinate System
Right-Handed Coordinate System
Rendering Pipeline
Hardware vs Software Rendering Pipeline
Transformation Pipeline
3D Graphics math fundamentals Introduction to Direct3D Handling Input using Windows API
Vectors Direct3D Device Keyboard event handling
Matrices Rendering Loop Mouse event handling
Matrices First Direct3D program
Homogeneous Coordinates
Euler Angles
Transformation Pipeline
View Matrix
Perspective Projection Matrix
Viewport Mapping
Rendering Geometry Viewing and Camera Hidden Object Removal
Simple Geometry Viewing Projection Backface Culling
Render States Vertex Pipeline Bounding Volumes
Vertex and Index Buffers Camera Models Occlusion Culling
Alpha Blending Anti-Aliasing Lighting & Material
Blending Equation Primitive Anti-Aliasing Lighting Models
Transparency Global anti-aliasing Light Sources
Shading Models
Texture Mapping Basics Texture Mapping Advanced Font & Text
Introduction to Texture mapping Multipass Rendering Textured Fonts
Loading Textures Multipass Rendering Direct3D Fonts
Texture transformation Blending
Filtering Mip Maps
Texture formats and compression
Timers and basic Animation Shaders
Simple Windows Timer Introduction to programmable pipeline
Precision Timers Structure of shaders in DirectX
Animating Sprites Vertex Shaders
Fragments Shaders
Geometry Shaders

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