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eACT Technologies SE Asia / India (“EACT” or the “Company”) was founded in Mar 2002; a company with a keen business focus on the high growth deviceconnectivity software areas, embedded software kernel for Automation, Future mobile, Device Interfacing, Internet Appliance devices and embedded engineering. EACT is setting a foundation typical as that of a solid engineering company with a focus on embedded software development.

EACT has initiated *embeddedACT* an embedded Awareness and Training initiative in 2004, by establishing training partnership with Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technologies (APIIT) and conducting awareness programs in the area of Linux Technology, Network Security, Wireless Security, Embedded Awareness, and new technology areas. EACT also conducting corporate training programs in Penang via its Partner *PSDC* a local institute providing venue and administration services to enable companies train their engineers on latest embedded technologies from * embeddedACT*. embeddedACT initiates are also expanded in India with Chennai, Coimbatore activities.

Focus on Services

1. Consultancy/software development services in the areas of embedded, automotive, automation, Digital Information appliances software design, firmware, Linux Kernel porting and related services, Device Software, Real Time Operating systems (RTOS) and application software.

2. Technology Training and Marketing services – embedded engineering, RTOS, Embedded Linux, Wireless, Network and Wireless Security, enabling courses targeting corporations in Asia. We are also organizing list of Embedded Awareness events in SE Asia, and for other partners in Asia Pacific Region.

3. Value added reselling (var) – Reselling of popular Automation related IEC future generation stacks and standards, 61850 stacks and products, Linux training Kits and related products, Wind River Linux and VxWorks Workbench, IBM Rational Model Driven Development tool and related Real Time OS software, software design and development tools and related accessories.

eACT also provide resources for its own customers to execute their projects. Some of our customers who require high end technical resources in Singapore, Malaysia and USA , we are working with major pool of Embedded engineering resource companies towards providing on-site and off-shore services. We take care of project management along with customer resources towards smooth completion of the embedded or device connectivity, and related automation projects. Along with partners we also do provide onsite contract placement services in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.