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Android for Mobile application Development


JAVA Programming, Operating Systems Experience


• 25-30 Hours ( MON-FRI 15hrs SAT-SUN 12hrs)

Instruction Required:

XP Professional, Eclipse, JAVA, Android Tools SDK/NDK installed

Course Contents

Eclipse and Java Basics
Introduction to Java and Eclipse IDE Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language Programming Objects using Java
Variables and Types Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals
Statements and Operators Classes,Objects
Conditional Code and Loops Interface
Advance JAVA and Android Basics
Advanced Java Programming Android Development Basic
Nested Classes Android SDK
Exception Handling Eclipse Android Developer Tools
Packages and Jar Files Installing and Configuring the Software Development Kit
Java Collection classes Anatomy of Eclipse Android Project
File I/O , Threading Android Virtual Devices
Android Building Blocks
Android Application Basics Application Building Blocks Lab
Components of an Android Application Activities Creating a simple Hello World Android Program
Structure of an Android Application Resources Creating a simple Slide Show Application
Application Life Cycle Intents
Content Providers, Services
Android UI and Multimedia Programming
User Interface Programming File I/O Multimedia Programming
Views Android File System Playing Audio & Video
Common Controls & Widgets Saving Application State Recording Audio & Video
Layout Managers Preferences Camera
XML based Layouts File Management Tools Lab
Menus & Dialogs Creating a social media Client for twitter,facebook
Handling User Events Creating an Multimedia Player
Styles and Themes
Android Graphics & Animations
Basics of Android Graphics Animation and Sprites Game loop and Menu
Canvas & Paint Simple Animation Gaming Loop
Drawing basic shapes Double Buffering Main Screen with Menu
Bitmaps Images and Sprites Lab
Drawable shapes,Gradients Transforming Sprites Creating the Game Screens for Space Invader game
Android Games for Students
User Input Sound and Media Writing your first Android Game
Touch and Multi-touch events Loading Sound and Media files Space Invader
Keyboard events Playing background music Designing the Screens
Event based music playback Setting up the game loop
Playing Video Creating the sprite and animations
Game Logic