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Android 6 Application Development


Android 6.0 Application Development program is meant for Java programmers (amateur and professional) who want to start developing applications for the Android platform. This course will start with the very basics and go on to intermediate levels with a strong emphasis on practical learning by the way of examples, demos and lab exercises. Prior experience on the Android platform is not required as fundamentals of Android platform and application development will be covered.

Classroom Session and Labs

This is a hands-on training class and the attendees will be required to write code during the sessions and also there will be dedicated lab sessions where exercises will be based on the topics covered. This will solidify the theoretical learning.


* Learn the Basics of Android System
* Learn the new features added in Android 6.0
* Learn how to create great User Interfaces for Android
* Learn how to write simple Android Applications like Flickr Client, Twitter Client
* Learn Web-Services interaction
* Learn Data Persistence in Android


* Java Programming Experience Required.
* Familiarity with Eclipse development platform is preferred, as the labs and exercises will use Eclipse IDE.

Target Audience

* Good understanding and practical experience in Object Oriented Programming.
* Software Professionals with working experience of Java programming Language.


• 5 days

Trainer Profile

Amit Gulati is one of the preferred trainer with work experience in NVIDIA/NASA Graphics project from US now the prime consultant from embedded ACT conducting training for Samsung India, Intel, Motorola, Polaris, Tata, etc. He has over 14+ years of experience doing project consulting and training corporates in SE Asia, Middle East, India. He is regularly attending Android Conferences and Apple Conferences in US and in touch with latest technology and project consulting in 3D Graphics, OPENGL ES,Android Internals, iOS Applications, DirectX, WebGL, HTML5 etc.

Course Contents

Day 1
Introduction Android Application Android Development Tools
Android Ecosystem Physical Structure of an Android Application Android Emulator and Virtual Devices(AVD)
Android Architecture Introduction to Application Components Android Emulator
What’s new in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) -Activity -Android Debug Bridge(ADB)
Application Essentials -Service -Dalvik Debug Monitor Service(DDMS)
Resources -Content Provider -Debugging applications
Intents -Broadcast Receiver
Day 2
Activities Fragment Android Permission System
Activities and View Introduction to Fragments Basics
Activities in-Depth Life-cycle of Fragment Handling Permissions in Android 6.0
Creating & Registering Activities Creating Fragments Runtime Permissions
Launching Activities Fragment Manager and Transaction Backward Compatibility
Activity and Data Flow Fragment Backstack Android Material Design
Returning Data back from Activity Communication between Fragments Basics
Basic UI Themes
Day 3
User Interface Adapter based Views Menus & Action Bar
Introduction & Overview Introduction to Adapters Menus
View Architecture in Android Built-in Adapters Menus
View, View Group, Layout & Widget Writing Custom Adapters -Option Menu
Layouts ListView -Context Menu
-Linear ListActivity -Menu Items
-Frame GridView -Handling Menu Item Selection
-Relative Action Bar
Common Widgets
Day 4
Background Work Services Broadcast Receivers
Why Threading? Services Application Component,IntentService Creating Broadcast Receiver
Loopers Data persistence Listening for Broadcasts
Java Threading File System
AsyncTask Internal vs External File System
Handlers Writing files
Messages & Runnables Preferences
Day 5
SQLite Content Provider Web Service
Introduction to SQLite Data Model RESTful web service
SQLite classes in Android SDK Working with a Content Provider SOAP web service
SQLite Helper classes Google Play Store XML/JSON parsing
CRUD Operations Developer Console
Package Application
Upload Application

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