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ARM Programming for Embedded Development


Microprocessor, Digital Electronics, Basic of OS and fundamentals.


• 25-30 Hours ( MON-FRI 15hrs SAT-SUN 12hrs)

Instruction Required:

XP Professional, Visual Studio, VMWARE 8 (other ARM tools advised)

Course Contents

ARM Embedded Systems
Design Policy ARM Organization and Implementation ARM Archtecture Fundamentals
The RISC Design Philosophy 3-Stage pipeline ARM Organization Registers
The ARM Design Philosophy 5-Stage pipeline ARM Organization Current Program Status Register
Embedded System Hardware ARM Instruction Execution Pipeline
ARM Development Tools ARM Implementation Exceptions, Interrupts and Vector Table
Introduction to ADS 1.1 the ARM coprocessor interface Core Extensions
WinARM/GNU tool chain Architecture Revisions
JTAG hardware ARM Processor Familes
Debugging using JTAG The ARM Programmers Model
Examples and Exercises
ARM Assembly Language Programming Introduction to the ARM Instruction Set Introduction to the Thumb Instruction Set
Data Processing Instructions Thumb Register Usage Overview of C Compilers and Optimization
Branch Instructions ARM-Thumb Interworking Basic C Data Types
Load-Store Instructions Other Branch Instructions C Looping Structures
Software Interrupt Instruction Data Processing Instructions Register Allocation
Program Status Register Instructions Single-Register Load-Store Instructions Function Calls
Loading Constants Multiple-Register Load-Store Instructions Pointer Aliasing
Conditional Execution Stack Instructions Structure Arrangement
Writing simple ARM assembly language programs Software Interrupt Instruction Bit-fields
Examples and exercises Writing simple Thumb assembly language programs Unaligned Data and Endianness
Mixing C and Assembly Code Examples and exercises Division
Calling Conventions Floating Point
Parameter Passing Inline Functions and Inline Assembly
Building high=performance libraries in Assembly Portability Issues
Calling Assembly code form C Writing simple C language programs
Examples and exercises Examples and exercises
Advanced Programming Techniques
Programming ARM Peripherals Advanced Programming Techniques
Timers Exception Handling
UART Interrupts
PWM Interrupt Handling Schemes
System Design using ARM
Putting It All Together
Design of a Simple ARM7-based MP3 Player
The Problem Statement
Block Diagram
Hardware Design
Software Design
Implementating the Player