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C Programming


This course provides understanding of C as a programming language

• Create system and application software


• Basic knowledge of computer
• Good knowledge of OS

Recommended Next Course:

• Win32 Programming (SDK)
• C++
• Data Structures using C

Configuration and Tools Requirements:

• Desktop PC with Windows OS • VC++ 6.0 • Turbo C compiler

Course Contents

Introduction to C Control Statements – I Control Statements – II
C history Selection – if ,if – else, Need of Iteration
Data types Nested if - else Various methods of looping – while, do – while , for loop
Format specifiers Switch - case Nested loops
Operators Continue, break statements
Jump statements
Preprocessor Functions Storage Classes
Manifest constants - # define Basics of functions Need of storage class
Using arguments with #define Pass by value Different storage class specifiers – auto, static, register, extern
File Inclusion - #include Pointer – A first look ANSI C type qualifiers – const,volatile
Other Diresctives - #undef, #ifdef, #else, #endif, #ifndef, #pragma Pass by address
Calling Conventions
Arrays Pointers Strings
Single dimensional arrays Pointers and Multidimensional arrays Representing strings
Arrays and pointers Variable length arrays String related I/ O functions
Pointer arithmetic Dynamic memory allocation - malloc, realloc, free Using string manipulation functions
Arrays and functions Function pointers String to number conversions
Sorting techniques – Selection, Bubble, Insertion Two dimensional array of strings
Multidimensional Arrays
Structures and other Data Forms File I / O Bit Fiddling
Declaring structure and its variables Standard I /O Binary numbers, bits and bytes
Arrays of structures Command line arguments Other number bases
Nested structures File I /O – fprintf, fscanf, fputs, fgets C's bitwise operators
Passing structure to function Random Access – fseek, ftell Bit Fields
Unions Text vs Binary mode
Enumerated types Other functions – fread, fwrite, rewind, feof

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