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Computer technology is showing up everywhere in our daily lives in the form of wireless (mobile) and wired (stationary) network-based products for consumer use. Activities such as using a mobile phone to remotely access your home security or audio/visual systems, getting information about the status of your car directly from the manufacturer while driving, using the smart card in your phone for storing personal information or to make secure transactions, or networking your home appliances will soon be as normal as driving a car or making a telephone call.

Microprocessor-based consumer products such as alarm clocks, coffee machines, televisions, cars, air conditioners, and phones are referred to as embedded devices because the small computers inside them have a very focused operation. While a personal computer can run a wide-range of applications for various purposes, an embedded device runs a very focused set of applications. For example, a cell phone would run only cell phone applications and a personal organizer would run only calendar and date book applications. However, a personal computer can run calendar, date book, fax, scanning, word processing, and spreadsheet applications-to name only a few. Apart from providing Embedded and Technology Services as a natural extension EACT Technologies also provide Embedded and Technology Training services for its customers in SE Asia

Training Services & Recruitment Consultant

We provide corporate training and public training in South east Asia, India in the Telecommunication, Embedded Topics, Linux Kernel Topics, Device Software topics, and latest technology topics in the industry.

We provide technology awareness and training programs involving hands on experienced engineers, Visiting professors from distinguished universities from Australia, Korea, India and Singapore. We are pioneering in developing Induction programs for vertical industries like automotive, network processors, wireless, telecom and related device software and embedded topics and the related IT technology high end courses.

Our Company is one of the leading Recruitment Consultant and Staffing Solutions Provider in Singapore and Malaysia Our recruitment team is committed to offer our clients with the most suitable human resources solution and enhancing career opportunities for our candidates

Training Programs