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C++ Programming (Basics)


This course provides understanding of Object Oriented Concepts and Basic C++ language

• Create and execute object-oriented programs
• Use the new procedural features like function overloading, references, etc
• Create abstract data types with inbuilt procedural abstraction
• Overload operators for abstract data types
• Control memory allocations
• Use different forms of new and delete
• Extend classes to add more functionality
• Use polymorphism
• Apply RTTI mechanism to applications
• Use C++ Exception handling
• Write generic code through templates
• Use Standard Template Library in applications


• Basic programming concepts
• Good knowledge of C language
• Basic OOPs concepts
• Introductory knowledge of C++ language

Recommended Next Course:

• Standard Template Library

Configuration and Tools Requirements:

• Desktop PC with Windows OS
• Visual C++ 6.0 or above
• MSDN Library

Duration :

Theory: 28 Hrs.
Hands-On:28 Hrs.

Course Contents

Object Oriented programming Procedural Programming Abstract Data Types
Definition of Object C/C++ Compatibility class and struct
Object Properties C++ Input/Output Library – Basic Usage class as an abstraction
Abstraction References & const - Internals Constructors and Destructors
Encapsulation Function Overloading const member functions
Inheritance Default Arguments static member functions
Polymorphism C++ Casts inline member functions
Concurrency Dynamic Memory Allocation
Typing inline functions
Persistence namespace
Operator Overloading Streams Inheritance
Relational C++ I/O Reuse
Assignment File Handling using fstream Construction and destruction
Arithmetic Manipulators Initializer lists
I/O operators Composition Construction and destruction
friend keyword
Type conversions
Polymorphism RTTI Exception Handling
Virtual Methods Introduction Introduction
Implementation details type_info class Implementation
Virtual Destructor typeid operator The “Stack Unwinding” Process
Pure virtual functions dynamic_cast operator
Multiple Inheritance
Generic Programming
Function Templates
Template Constrains
Template Specialization
Class Templates
Introduction to STL

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