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C++ Programming (Advanced)


This course provides understanding of Advanced C++ language

• Create and execute object-oriented programs
• Overload operators for abstract data types
• Control memory allocations
• Use different forms of new and delete
• Extend classes to add more functionality
• Use polymorphism
• Apply RTTI mechanism to applications
• Use C++ Exception handling
• Write generic code through templates
• Use Standard Template Library in applications
• Understand Basics of Design Patterns


• Basic programming concepts
• Good knowledge of C language
• OOPs concepts
• Intermediate knowledge of C++ language

Recommended Next Course:

• Standard Template Library
• Microsoft Foundation Classes

Configuration and Tools Requirements:

• Desktop PC with Windows OS
• Visual C++ 7.1 or above
• MSDN Library

Duration :

Theory: 36 Hrs.
Hands-On:36 Hrs.

Course Contents

Object Oriented programming Procedural Programming Abstract Data Types
Definition of Object C++ Input/Output Library – Basic Usage class and struct
Object Properties References & const - Internals class as an abstraction
Object Model Function Overloading Constructors and Destructors
Default Arguments const member functions
C++ Casts volatile member functions
Dynamic Memory Allocation static member functions
inline functions inline member functions
Operator Overloading Memory Management Inheritance
Relational Memory Structure Reuse
Assignment Heap and stack allocations Construction and destruction
Arithmetic Custom memory allocation Initializer lists
I/O operators Memory Leaks Composition
friend keyword Isolation of memory leaks
Type conversions
Polymorphism RTTI Exception Handling
Virtual Methods Introduction Introduction
Implementation details type_info class Implementation
Virtual Destructor typeid operator The “Stack Unwinding” Process
Pure virtual functions dynamic_cast operator Exception Handler Functions
Multiple Inheritance
Generic Programming Streams Standard Template Library
Function Templates C++ I/O Architecture
Template Constrains File Handling using fstream Containers
Template Specialization Manipulators Algorithms
Class Templates
Multithreading in C++ Introduction to Design Patterns
Introduction to Multithreading Why design patterns
Using callbacks Singleton pattern
Introduction to synchronization Observer pattern
Abstract factory pattern

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