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Digital Audio/Video Broadcasting Workshop

Course Introduction:

D Digital TV (DTV) is the umbrella term used to describe the new digital television system adopted by the FCC in December 1996; DTV is a technology, and HDTV is just one subset of the DTV.


5 days

Course Contents

Day-1 Day-2 Day-3
Digital Video/Image coding fundamentals and practice Digital Video Coding Standards Advanced Video Coding Standards
Conceptual approach to image data compression: Overview of MPEG-1, -2 video coding: H.264/MPEG-4 Part-10 AVC(Advanced Video Coding)
Image data quantization: -MPEG-1 video coding (DCT, ME_MC, Quant, VLC) -Overview of H.264 standard
-Uniform/nonuniform quantization -MPEG-2 video coding -Project: H.264/AVC JM software in Console mode,
-Project: Uniform quantizer design, -MPEG audio coding -H.264/MPEG-4 Part-10 AVC(Advanced Video Coding)
Prediction of image data: Pre and post processing for video coder -Temporal scalability
-Predictive coding – DPCM Motion estimation and motion compensation: -Spatial scalability
-Correlation reduction, prediction error, histogram -Project: Implement interpolation and decimation, -Quality(Fidelity) scalability
-Project: Linear predictor design -Project: Implement Full and simplified motion search, -Inter-layer prediction(motion, texture, residual)
Transform of image data: -Project: Half-pel motion vector -SVC profiles
-Transform coding – FDCT, Quant, Dequant, IDCT Overview of MPEG-4 visual standard -SVC verification tests
-Project: Generation of DCT function, MPEG-4 profiles and levels: -Comparative results
-Project: Image transform using DCT, MPEG-4 Visual Reference Software: Project: JSVM (Joint Scalable Video Model) ver. 9.12 software for the Scalable Video Coding (SVC)
-Project: Quantization of DCT coefficients, -Project: Simulation of MPEG-4 using Microsoft_fdam sw in Console mode,
-Project: Quantization errors -Project: Implement MFC_based codec,
Entropy coding – Entropy, Huffman, Arithmetic: -Play and display the YUV data using PlayYUV() function
-Concept of entropy -Generate the MPEG-4 bitstream using function MPEG4Encode()
-Project: Calculation of Entropy, Coding techniques in Simple profile,
-Huffman encoding principles - I-VOP
-Project: Huffman coding practice, - P-VOP
-Arithmetic encoding principles -Short header
-Project: Arithmetic coding practice, -Compression efficiency tools (4MV,UMV,IntraP)
-Transmission efficiency tools (VP,DP,RVLC)
-Project: SP coding tools analysis written in SP.ppt,
MPEG-4 Simple Profile flow,
-Project: Verify input data
-Project: Padding procedure
-Project: DCT, Quantization and Its Inverses
Day-4 Day-5
Digital Broadcasting standards(I) Digital Broadcasting standards(II)
The ATSC DTV Systems DVB digital television standards
-Video compression and decompression -Video and audio coding
-DTV audio encoding and decoding -System information
-DTV transport system -Required tables
-Understanding ATSC/MPEG syntax tables -Transmission format for DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-H
-DTV program and system information protocol Conditional access
-DTV satellite transmission -Mobile multimedia broadcasting standards
-DTV data broadcasting -Fundamentals of DVBH broadcasting
IPTV and Internet Video -Video streaming over DVBH
-The Internet protocol -Transport and timeslicing mechanism
-Characteristics of IPTV -Modulation schemes
-Business models -Objective and subjective assessment
-Constructing an IPTV network
-Video compression
-Maintaining video quality and security
-Bandwidth management
-Set Top Boxes

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