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Effective Test design, Test planning and Test manager


Three days workshop focuses on Test types, scenario, case design fundamentals quality control/assurance. The end to end test case design help the testing team to uncover defects in software. Second day shows the key areas of testing process monitoring and controlling for test managers and discussing the factors effecting. Third day is mainly describe more on testing planning effectiveness which is a important activity to ensure that test process if followed as per agenda and requirements.

Take Away :

• Strong understanding of Software Testing Basics
• Understanding of Test flow
• Understanding of building software and Test requirements
• Test planning hands on and Test strategy documentation
• Verification detail
• Solving their organizational problems

Target Audience: :

Test Engineers, Senior Test engineers, Test Lead, Test manager, Project manager, requirement analyst, QA engineers

Duration :

3 Days

Course Contents

Day 1-Test Design Processes, Methodologies and Techniques Day 2-Becoming an Effective Test Manager Day 3-Effective Test Planning
Basics of Test life-cycle Skill of interaction/technical and non-technical Testing basic & Life-cycle
Test Case Design Techniques Introduction to effective communication Test Planning agenda
Strategies for generating test cases Know your team Goal of testing for Customer, development, testing
Black Box testing Creating excellent defect entries & Quality Assessments Test Planning
Equivalence Class Partitioning Dealing with perceptions, attitudes, metrics & understanding Test Design / Development
Boundary Value Analysis Finding & seizing PR opportunities Test Execution
Error/Expert guessing Experience sharing, Q & A Evaluation / defect management
Cause-Effect Diagram “Manager”, Do you know your JD, Roles/Responsibilities ? Test process - continuous improvement
Decision Tables Create “Learning” Organizations Test Deliverable
State Transition diagram Motivating Your Team, empowering them Test Planning
White box testing (Unit) and Grey box testing (Integration) Create Center of Excellence Types of plans (Unit-Integration-System functional)
control flow & Statement/decision/condition coverage Proactively Managing “Up” Why plan
Path coverage Compelling Leadership Who uses the test plan?
Program complexity and basis path coverage Always speak with data Useable test plans
System Test Planning (functional and Non functional) Solving team's issue of management at their work place Q & As Basic questions
Developing a system test strategy What-When-Where-why-Who-How
Components of a system test plan Project time line
A test plan template Dependencies
Test design basics Test objectives
Test design activities Test schedule
Deliverable of the test design phase Template and checklists
Conditions and test cases Assumptions
Test case verification points Test resources
Expected and Actual results/ststus Test Project Risk
Major areas of system testing Test Process and strategy
Business requirement testing Test tools
Preparing the Test Design Specification IEEE standards
Defining test conditions Audience's problem solving Q & A
Defining test cases
Identifying data needed to execute tests
Defining baseline data
Determining expected results
Defining test cycles includes defect management
A Systems Test Specification template

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