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Effective Risk Based Testing, Effecting management of test team and become successful Test manager


Most of the projects now a days move on agility and uncertainty of “what we require exactly “, The three days workshop focuses on test management by understanding the risk, analyzing and then design the solution based on risk impact understood by the management. Second day shows the key understanding to build and manage an effective test team to ensure that testing or quality control solution is delivered on time and achieve high performance. Third day shows the effective 10 steps to ensure a test manager is able to fulfill the responsibility and build confidence to management and team .

Take Away :

• Understanding and evaluating Risks in testing & Related management to control the end to end test activities
• Developing a proactive plan and management towards building an organization based testing team which is inline with the interest of business.
• Identifying and working on top priority areas as a test manager to ensure that the success of the position “manager” is achieved.
• Solving their organizational problems

Target Audience: :

Test Engineers, Senior Test engineers, Test Lead, Test manager, Project manager, requirement analyst, QA engineers

Duration :

3 Days

Course Contents

Day 1-Risk-Based Test Management Day 2-Building and Managing a Test Team Day 3-Ten steps to become successful Test manager
Understanding Risk and it's perceptions Introduction of Testing and role in business Testing Process and Basic Role of a test Manager
Understanding management The Definition of a Test team The ten steps to make him effective
Risk and Software Management Third party - Unambiguous - Neutral Clarify, Negotiate and Commit to your Role
Common Software Risks Characteristics of an Effective Test Team Understand your Expected result
Risk and Software Projects What is test center of excellence Know your piece of the business
Risk Identification The kick off point Build a Effective and efficient test team
Categorizing Risks Test Manager's Role and Responsibilities Choose employee wisely
Elements of Risk Statement Planning and Budgeting Define and model group excellence for testing
Analyzing Identified Risks Hiring and Training Plan the work and work the plan - create some flexibility
Hazard analysis Defining Responsibilities and Expectations Obliterate barriers
Risk Mitigation Defining the Work Proactively adopt and manage changes
Potential Mitigation Solutions Managing the Test Team Create a legacy to produce result
Risk Based Test Management Effective Management Techniques Discussion of practical problems
Managing to Risk Plan Management vs. Leadership
Risk measurement, Monitoring and Control Motivation, Teamwork, and Productivity
Risk Log Reviews and Performance Evaluations
Implementing Risk Paradigm Retention and Turnovers
Reporting and Measurement Terminations and Layoffs
Managing the expectation
Prepare for future
Solving organizational problem, Q & A

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