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Effective Software Testing,Agile Process and OAT


This course will build on basic testing principles and introduce new methods to teach testers how to:

• Describe the major software development lifecycles with testing process adaptation
• Develop a test strategy
• Write a high-level test plan
• Develop test scripts and test cases using a wide variety of techniques
• Reduction of test cases and identify 100% singe and double mode defects
• Get the most testing from the least number of test cases
• Track and control test scripts and cases
• Assess risk from the project, technical and business perspectives
• Describe which tools are the best to use in a particular test
• Write meaningful test reports
• Measure your testing efforts
• Use the results from testing to improve the testing process and other processes

Who Will Benefit

• Test analysts
• Test engineers
• Software developers
• Project managers
• Test lab managers
• QA analysts

Take Away

• Practical exposure in preparing Test Plan, Test Case, Metrics Report and Analysis
• Sample Templates and Checklists for all testing activity
• Exposure through testing tool to understand the testing efficiency
• End 2 End comprehensive testing course material

Course Contents

Introduction to Software Testing and Testing Methodologies
General Testing Concepts
Understanding Functional Requirements
Test Case Design and Development
Case Study for Designing Test cases
Defect Management and Defect Life Cycle
Advanced Testing Techniques Unit/Integration/black box testing
Test Management Process
Test Automation and Performance testing
Automation and Performance tools
Logic based testing process
Introduction to Agile Testing
Effective Agile test model
Agile test process compliance
Templates and checklists
To do and not to do in Agile
Introduction to DOE and Orthogonal Array
Types of DOE and coverage on testing
Factorial and Fractional factorial testing
Creation of Orthogonal array for test design
Guidelines for Running OA based TCs & Estimation of % coverage
Practical Implementation Factors
Hands on exercise throughout
Pair wise Testing practical and usage of tools
Small project on Pair wise testing

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