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iOS Using Swift Workshop


iOS 9 is the latest version of Operating System developed by Apple forits mobile devices. According to Apple iOS 9 is the most significant releasesince the release of iOS SDK. It has a host of new features and introduces over5000 new APIs.In addition to iOS 9, Apple has also released a new programming languagenamed Swift, as an alternative to Objective-C. Swift is an Object OrientedLanguage that has a clean syntax of scripting languages that is easy to programand the efficiency of C language.This program is meant for programmers (amateur and professional, withexperience with at least one Object Oriented language) who want to start developingapplications for the iOS 9 platform. This course will start with the verybasics and go on to advanced levels with a strong emphasis on practicallearning by the way of examples, demos and lab exercises. This course willcover the various iPhone APIs (media, UI, storage, 2D & 3D graphics etc.)that are available with the iOS.


• Although we don't requireparticipants to know Swift, programming experience in an Object OrientedProgramming (OOP) language like Java, C++, C# is a must for effective learningduring the course.
• We expect the students to have basicunderstanding of OOP concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism, interfaces etc.


Mac OS X 10.9 and above.XCode 6 (bring own Macbook to save some cost)


• 5 +2 days (iOS for Swift 5 days ,Advance Swift 2days)


• Introduce new comers to iOS Development Environment i.e XCode,Interface Builder, Instruments etc.
• Enable programmers to read and write effective Swiftcode.
• Introduce new comers to the different patterns andpractices used by Apple for application development.
• Enable programmers to use the Apple provided frameworksfor developing applications.
• Provide extensive coverage with examples of User Interface programming using Cocoa Touch.
• Provide extensive coverage with examples of UserInterface programming using Cocoa Touch.
• Cover extensively the different data persistence APIsavailable including SQLite.
• Introduce with examples the practical code examples thevarious frameworks provided by apple for multimedia, graphics, networking etc.

Course Contents

Introduction to Swift Language Basics Basic Object Oriented Programming using Swift
Swift Fundamentals Core DataTypes Structs
-Hello Swift String Type Types versusinstances
-SwiftPlayground Tuples & Optionals Member and static methods
Advanced Object Oriented Programming using Swift Constants & Variables Custominitialization & De-initialization
Optionals Arrays Classes
Introducing optionals Dictionaries -Inheritingfrom another class
Unwrapping an optional Swift's type system -Initialization
Optional binding Operators -Overriding initializers
Forced unwrapping Statements -Required initializers
Nil coalescing Control Flow & Decisions -Designated and convenience initializers
Optional chaining Functions -Overriding methods and computed properties
Implicitly unwrapped optionals -Basicfunctions -Methods
Debugging optionals -Parameterized functions -Properties
Protocols -Functions that return values -Computed properties
Hello IPhone -Functionswith default arguments -Responding to property changes
Creating a simple application with User Interaction iPhone Application Basics Casting
Debugging and Profiling Applications Anatomy of an iPhone application Enumerations
Static Analyzer Application Life cycle and States Basicdeclaration
LLDB Testingenumeration values
Debugging in XCode
User Interface Programming – Basics View Controllers User Interface – Special Views
UIKit Framework Basics Toolbars
IBOutlet and IBAction Creating View Controllers Image View
XIB and Interface Builder Content vs Container View Controllers Web View
Window & View Orientation Management Scroll View
Basic User Controls Table Views Multiple View Controllers
Auto-layout and Constraints Populatingand configuring Table View Applicationswith Multiple Views
Handling Retina Display Data Source and Delegate Presenting View Controllers
Storyboards Table View Cells Animating View Switching
Story board File Custom Cells Tab based applications(Tab Bar Controller)
View Controller and Scene Editing TableView -Configuringthe Tab Bar
Segue -Deleting Navigationbased applications(Navigation Controller)
Invoking a Segue -Adding Working with the Navigation Bar
XIB and Story boards -Reordering Custom Container View Controllers
Table View Cell Prototype
Multi Touch and Gestures API File I/O SQLite
Events and Touches File System Persisting Application Data
Gesture Recognition Application Folders Working with SQLite databases
Introduction to Multi media programming File permissions CRUD Operations
Playing Audio & Video Moving around in the File System Third party libraries for SQLite
Accessing Media library Creating,Updating and Deleting Files
Photo Capture
Background Threads Networking,Connectivity etc. Advance OOP using Swift: (2days add-on)
Basic Threads Checking Connectivity Optionals
Concurrency Making web request Nested Types
Closures and Functional Programming Restful services Generic Types
GCD JSON Extensions
Closures and Functional Programming
bridging Swift and Objective-C
Swift Design patterns

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