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Core Java


This course provides complete exhaustive coverage of Java language features like multithreading and database Connectivity

• Create and execute Object-oriented Programs using Java Language
• Extend Java classes to add more functionality
• Use pre-built Java class libraries for building applications
• Process data using I/O Streams
• Use Java Exception Handling
• Do Socket Programming using Java APIs
• Communicate with RDBMS through JDBC


• Experience with any programming language
• Knowledge of Object-oriented concepts will be an advantage

Recommended Next Course:

• Building Web Applications using Java
• Building Enterprise Applications using Java

Configuration and Tools Requirements:

• Desktop PC with Windows OS
• JDK 1.5 or higher
• Eclipse Ganymede IDE
• RDBMS preferably Oracle or Microsoft Access

Duration :

Theory: 20 Hrs.
Hands-On:20 Hrs.

Course Contents

Java Language Fundamentals Exceptions Multithreading
Object-Oriented Programming Ex ceptions Concept of Multithreading
Writing your own Java Classes try-catch-finally Construct Java Threading Model
Parameter Passing Exception hierarchy Thread Creation
C++ Vs Java Writing your own exceptions Thread Synchronization
Extending your class: Inheritance Chained Exceptions Thread Communication
Polymorphism Assertions Thread Groups
Abstract Classes
Java Interface Characteristics
Using Interfaces
Java Packages
Writing your own Package
Java Arrays
String and StringBuffer
Static imports
Generics Collection Framework I/O and Network Programming
Introduction Java Collection Framework I/O Stream hierarchy
Generic class, method Lists and Maps InputStream and OutputStream Class
Generic and sub-typing Usage of Collection classes Random Access Files
Generic wildcard types Comparing collection classes Object Serialization
Raw type and legacy code Concept of Socket
Socket Programming
Datagram Socket Class
InetAddress Class
Java Database Connectivity
Driver and types, DriverManager
Connection, Statement and Types
ResultSet and configurations
Introduction to Transactions & RowSets

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