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Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology


This course is targeted towards practitioners who are interested in knowing about 3GPP LTE technology. Key concepts behind LTE will be conveyed and differences with existing cellular technologies will be emphasized.

Duration :

3 Days

Course Contents

1. 4G Requirements 2. LTE Network Basics 3. OFDM and MIMO Basics
Expectations of 4G wireless technology Components of LTE network Need for OFDM
LTE and SAE Design Goals Roles of Network entities Basic OFDM terminology
3GPP Evolution Interfaces Time and frequency views of a OFDM signal
Radio Technology Trends Comparison with 3G OFDM examples in commercial wireless
Core Network Technology Trends OFDMA and SCFDMA technologies
Multiple antenna technologies and their impact
4. LTE Downlink 5. LTE UL radio 6. Network Entry and service establishment
Downlink frames and slots and terminology Typical physical layer processing in LTE UL Network entry process and role of core network components
broadcast signals and then properties Control channels and their purpose Security aspects in LTE
system information and its transmission Multiple antenna technology in UL (MU-MIMO) IP address
Transmission of control information and user data Random access in LTE UL QoS in LTE
Role of reference signals in channel estimation
Scheduling priorities and challenges in DL
7. Data Transmission in DL and UL 8. Mobility and power save
Scheduling and conveying allocation information Handover in LTE
Link adaptation and feedback Signaling during handover
Bandwidth request Idle mode and its benefits
Retransmissions – HARQ and ARQ Signaling in Idle mode
End-to-end picture Handover between LTE and 3G

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