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Network Socket Programming


Development environment : Windows XP with Visual Studio environment

Course Contents

1. An Intro to networking technologies 2 TCP/IP Protocol Services 3. Network Program Mechanics
Introduction to Networking What is TCP/IP? Client-Server Model
Computing Basics Transport Services Client & Server Association
Networking Fundamentals Connection-less Services: UDP Network Program Sketch
Network Devices Connection-oriented Services: TCP Open a Socket
Network Topologies Deciding on a Transport: UDP versus TCP socket()
Network Types Network services Name the Socket
Local-Area Networks Associate with Another Socket
Wide-Area Networks IP Services Send and Receive Between Sockets
Other Types of Network ICMP Services Sending Data on a "connected" Socket
Network Media Types Support Protocols & Services Sending Data on an "unconnected" Socket
Cabling the LAN Domain Name Service (DNS) Receiving Data
Cabling the WAN Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Association as Socket Demultiplexer
TCP/IP Other Support Protocols Close the Socket
TCP/IP Overview Labs/Exercises on TCP/IP, DNS and related commands Client & Server Sketches
Transport Layer Connection-oriented (TCP) Network Applications
Establishing a TCP Connection Connection-less (UDP) Network Applications
TCP/IP Internet Layer Overview Labs/Exercises on Socket operations and related packet handling
IP Addressing and Routing
IP Networking Addressing
IP Subnetting and Calculation
Routing Basics
Routing Protocols
Labs/Exercise with IP address and routing
4. Operation Modes 5. Advance Topics Client Server / BSD Socket
What are Operation Modes? Client /Server model using Sockets
Wait on Hold: Blocking BSD Berkeley Socket Data Structure
Call Again Later: Non-blocking Socket Setup and Communication
Request a Call Back: Asynchronous Byte Ordering , Alignment, and Padding in Socket Programming
Blocking Framing and Parsing in Socket Programming
Blocking Sockets Any other left out topics and doubts
Blocking Functions
Blocking is Fake Labs/Exercises related to advance topics
Blocking Hook Functions * Outline is subject to slight modification and change.
Canceling Blocking Operations
Timeouts on Blocking Operations
No Receive Minimum
Code Example
How Do You Make a Socket Non-blocking?
Success and failure are not absolutes!
Polling Instead of Blocking
Explicit Yielding
Code Example
What Are the Asynchronous Functions?
Performance Differences
Platform Differences
Labs/Exercises of packet handling Blocking, Non-Blocking, and asynchronous modes.

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