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QT on Desktop & ARM9 Board

Course Description:

This Programme is designed to handle the project development on QT with platforms like Mingw and Linux environment

Course Objectives:

• To provide an foundation on developing GUI Applications using QT
• Understand core features of QT build and development behaviour
• Cross building on ARM target as Qtopia
• Testing sample application on Desktop and ARM Board


Adequate C or C++ knowledge, knowledge about OS architectures will be useful. Working of UNIX X-Windows core will be useful but not necessary

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed for engineers and developers who want to generate their own want to develop programs for a GUI based product using QT/Qtopia. This course targeted for the programmers who will be working QT project for the first time


4 days

Course Contents

Day 1 DAY 3 DAY 4
C/C++ Programming Essentials for QT Programming Networking Essentials o The socket working under qt Introduction
ftpget Installing the Source Package
Day 2 httpget How to Build Qtopia
Introduction to QT and environment Samples on spider, tripplanner, tripserver Building Qtopia Tools
Setting up the environment Multithreading o imagepro Building Qtopia
Getting Started o Application on Age, hello, quit semaphores Re-building parts of Qtopia
Creating Dialogs o Exploring Find, gotocell1/2, sort threads Configuring for a Device
Creating Main Windows waitconditions Introduction
Creating Custom Widgets Database handling The Location of the Binaries
Layout Management Brief on Creating Plugins Environment Settings to Run Qtopia
Event Processing Why an Image Directory?
2D and 3D Graphics Running Qtopia on the Desktop Machine
Drag and Drop Running Qtopia on an Embedded Device
Item View Classes Steps o Setting up the Device
Input/Output o imageconverter Exporting the Qtopia Image Directory to the Device
imagespace Connecting to the Device
tidy Using a Binary Flashed onto the Device
Touch screen Phone Calibration
Testing Basic Applications

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