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advanced REQUIREMENT MANAGEMENT TRAINING using Rational DOORS Hands On Workshop


This course teaches the basic principles of writing and applying the IBM Rational DOORS extension language (DXL) to customize Rational DOORS and also builds on the content learned in the IBM Rational DOORS Foundation, V9.3 course. It is designed for those who will be in the role of team lead or project manager, or who want to learn more about advanced Rational DOORS end-user functionality.

It discusses creating and structuring Rational DOORS projects, defining linking relationships and attributes, setting access permissions, and managing change. It also discusses external linking, working with spreadsheets, and applying configuration management strategies to Rational DOORS data.

Who should attend?

This basic course is for Business Analyst, Systems Engineer, Software Engineer, Requirements Engineer, Requirements Manager, Requirements Team Leader.Experienced Rational DOORS users who want to customize Rational DOORS

Days :

2 Days

Course Contents

IBM Rational DOORS Practitioner , V9.3 ( 1 day) Customizing Rational DOORS using DXL (2days)
-Creating and structuring projects -DXL Fundamentals
-Creating linking relationships; analyzing relationships -Telelogic DOORS Architecture
-Geting information in and out of Rational DOORS -Reporting Information
-Defining attributes -File Input/Output (I/O) Operations
-Access permissions -Telelogic DOORS Dialog Boxes
-Round-tripping requirements -History and Access
-Recording and managing changes -DXL Libraries
-Advanced relationship management -Telelogic DOORS Menus
-Advanced display management -Advance DXL (Optional)
-Creating forms
-Archive and restore Skills Taught
-Process projects, folders, modules, and objects
Skills Taught -Process traceability
-Build projects in Rational DOORS, including defining data structure, linking schema, attributes, and access permissions -Process history
-Use Rational DOORS external linking facilities -Process access rights
-Share Rational DOORS information with 3rd parties -Process views and view settings
-Control the flow of changes through your Rational DOORS database -Create customized Attribute and Layout DXL
-Apply configuration management and backup strategies to your Rational DOORS data -Create customized Rational DOORS menus
-Develop user interfaces

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