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• Provide a foundation in the fundamental concepts and methods involved in RM and navigate within a Rational DOORS database
• Create structured data ,Modify and Review the existing data in a Rational DOORS formal module
• Create relationships and Report on relationships in a Rational DOORS database
• Identify an architecture for a Rational DOORS deployment
• Install Rational DOORS client and server
• Build your own projects in Rational DOORS
• Use Rational DOORS external linking facilities
• Share Rational DOORS information with 3rd parties (whether they use Rational DOORS or not)
• Control the flow of changes through your Rational DOORS database
• Apply configuration management and backup strategies to your Rational DOORS data


The course provides a foundation in the fundamental basic concepts and methods involved in RM, provision and maintenance of the IBM Rational DOORS ,solution deployment, account management. availability and data integrity. Its builds on the foundation level and is designed to take you to your next development stage.Its demonstrates the use of many additional IBM Rational DOORS functions, including using external applications for data manipulation.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for anyone who is new to RM and Rational DOORS and is looking for a thorough foundation in its basic concepts and methods .

Days :

3 Days

Course Contents

Day-1 Day-2 Day-3
Principles of Requirement Management Installing and usage of DOORS for Requirement Other advance topics in implementing requirement
-Concept Overview -View information -Creating relationships
-Analysis and Modeling -Edit information -Analyzing relationships
-Understand the Problem -Structure information -Get information into Rational DOORS
-Derive a Solution -Get Word documents into Rational DOORS -Get information out of Rational DOORS
-Write Requirements -Capture additional information -Advanced attributes
-Requirements Quality -Find Data -Round-trip your requirements
-Qualification and Acceptance -Manipulate the display -Recording and managing changes
-Put This into Context -Create traceability -Module properties
-Lifecycles -Analyze your traceability -Advanced structuring
-Planning -Insert information in other formats -Advanced Word import
-Maintenance -Use Forms -Advanced relationship management
-User Options -Tables
-Help and Support -Advanced display management
-OLE objects
-Creating forms
-Archive and restore
-User options
-Regular expressions

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