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Real-time Operating Systems for Embedded Development


Microprocessor, Digital Electronics,Basic of OS and fundamentals.


• 25-30 Hours ( MON-FRI 15hrs SAT-SUN 12hrs)

Instruction Required:

• XP Professional, 200GB Hdisk Space, VMWARE 8, Linux Image Ubuntu

Course Contents

Basics of Developing for Embedded Systems RTOS concepts for Embedded Systems Blocking Problems and their Solutions
Real-time system design issue Tasks Defining a Task
Example Real-time Systems Semaphore Task States and Scheduling Mechanism
Typical Real-time Applications Messaging Queue Typical Task Operations
Hardware Considerations Kernel Objects Synchronizaion and Communication
Real-time Operating System Decomposing Application in To Tasks Concurrency
  - real-time kernels Task Management
  - pseudo kernel Additional task context
  - Interrupt driven systems System tasks.
  - preemptive priority systems
  - mixed systems
  - task control block model
Semaphores Inter-task Communication Exceptions, Interrupts and Timers
Defining Semaphores Message Queues Exception handling and signals
Typical Semaphore Operations Pipes ISR Basics
Event Registers System clock & Watchdog timers