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Servlet - JSP


This course covers fundamentals of Java technology for developing web based enterprise applications

• Use Java Servlets and Java Server Pages(JSP) to develop web-based applications
• Use session management for web clients
• Develop your own custom tag libraries


• Experience with Java programming language and JDBC API
• Knowledge of Web Technology Fundamentals will be an advantage

Configuration and Tools Requirements:

• Desktop PC with Windows OS
• DK 1.5 or higher
• Eclipse Ganymede with J2EE plug-in
• Tomcat 5.5 or above
• RDBMS preferably Oracle or Microsoft Access

Duration :

Theory: 12 Hrs.
Hands-On:12 Hrs.

Course Contents

Web Fundamentals Servlets Servlet Collaboration
HTTP Protocol Servlets Architecture Forwarding & Redirecting from a Servlet
HTTP Headers Servlet lifecycle ServletContext & ServletConfig
GET & Post Methods Servlet interface Maintaining Sessions Hidden Form Fields, Cookies, URL rewriting, HttpSession
Web Client GenericServlet & HttpServlet Filters and Listeners
Web Server Writing your own Servlet
Web Container Packaging and Deploying a Servlet
Web Component Servlet & DB connectivity
Servlet & JSP Engine
JSP JSTL Custom Tags
Need of JSP Introduction to JSTL taglib directive
Directives Core tags TagHandler, TagSupport
Scripting Elements Iterator Tag
Standard Actions
Implicit Objects

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