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Software testing fundamentals, Performance testing and managing test process-execution


Three days workshop focuses on Testing fundamentals which is a must for any test team for quality control/assurance. Second day training cover in depth of performance testing and analysis, performance testing is one of the most important validation in system testing phase. Third day of the training deals with test execution process and related management including the defect management / tracking.

Take Away :

• Strong understanding of Software Testing Basics
• Understanding of Test flow
• Understanding software performance requirements and performance test model, process
• Test execution process and control
• Defect management and tracking

Target Audience: :

Test Engineers, Senior Test engineers, Test Lead, Test manager, Project manager, requirement analyst, QA engineers

Duration :

3 Days

Course Contents

Day 1-Software Testing Fundamentals and Best Practices Day 2-Performance testing in a nutshell-purely for enterprise software development (Retail, CRM, Healthcare, online business, banking,any other enterprise online processing application) companies Day 3-Managing the Testing Process/Test Execution and Defect Tracking
Introduction of Software Testing Definition of Performance and relationship with a system Defining Test Requirements (functional / Non Functional)
Software Test life Cycle Performance Of an application – how it is related with Load, Stress, Scalability, Reliability Defining Test Cases or scenario
Requirements (use-case, scenario, prototypes) for testing When it is tested Test case specification
Test design concepts, test case/script, test data development Why it is tested Simple and complex tests
What is testable and what is non-testable The performance Testing, Validation, Engineering Black box traceability coverage
Positive and Negative Testing The benchmarking Test Run counting of unit testing through Mccabe complexity
Test Execution and defect management How Performance is Related with Business goals Test case template
Test status How to capture Performance requirements and quality qualifiers Automated capture/replay scripts
Verification and Validation How to plan and design performance tests Exploratory testing and error guessing
Levels of testing – Unit, Integration, System How to Create the Model of Performance testing Repeatability and re usability of test cases
User acceptance Factors affecting Performances Testing environment
Conclusion and Audience questions Test process, executing and monitoring Establishing the technical test environment
Test tools for performance testing Creating and maintaining test beds
Test Data capturing and Analysis Tools to assist and monitor testing
Decision making on Performance Automated test execution tools
Discussion, Q & A Load testing tools
Test management tools
Issues governing automation of testing
Isolating and Reporting Defects
Need for reproducibility by defect mgt team
Bug isolation vs. debugging
Writing an effective bug report
Categorizing defects, identifying trends
Defect Life cycle phases
Defect reports for the project manager
Defect density, mean times to fail and fix
Defect statistics, degrees of precision
Estimating remaining defects
Relating Testing Projects & Process
Defect age
Measuring test detection effectiveness
Reporting test project status
Identifying improvement opportunities

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