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This course provides introductory knowledge of various features available with Spring Framework

• Create and Use a Bean in Spring Container.
• Make use of DI (Dependency Injection ) while creating the Beans in Spring Container.
• Apply an Aspect to your core business functionality, declaratively.
• Communicate with RDBMS using Spring's DAO classes and Springs Templates.
• Transaction Management provided by Spring Framework.
• Integration of JPA implementation with Spring Framework.
• Build Web Application using Spring MVC Module.


• Basic knowledge of Object-oriented concepts and how to use them in Core Java Language.
• Experience in Java application development
• Knowledge of Servlet and JSP
• Knowledge of the XML
• Knowledge of Business Container Services
• Knowledge of any ORM tool like Hibernate, JPA API's, and any implementation of MVC pattern like Struts will be an advantage
• Exposure to IDE like Eclipse

Configuration and Tools Requirements:

• Desktop PC with Windows OS
• Eclipse IDE
• RDBMS preferably Oracle 9+
• Web Server preferably tomcat 5.5+

Duration :

Theory: 8 Hrs.
Hands-On:8 Hrs.

Course Contents

Introduction to Spring Framework Spring Bean Wiring Applying an Advice to a bean
Introduction to Spring Modules Like Core Container,DAO,ORM,AOP,MVC BeanFactory and ApplicationContext Introduction to the AOP Concept
Concept of Dependency Injection Life cycle of a typical Bean in Spring Container Study of technical terms in AOP Like Advice, Target, Proxy, PointcutAnd Joinpoint.
Concept of Dependency Injection Controlling the Bean creation, declaratively Types of different Advice applicable to a Bean inside Spring Container.
Defining Parent/Child relationship between the Beans
Method Injection into a Bean
The different scopes of a Bean
Post Processing of a bean
Making Beans aware of the context by Implementing important Interfaces.
Spring and Databases Transaction Management Spring MVC Module
Spring's DAO support Classes like jdbcDaoSupport, JPADaoSupport HibernateDaoSupport Transaction Managers supported by Spring Framework Flow diagram for Spring MVC Module
Spring's Template Classes like JDBCTemplates, HibernateTemplate,JPATemplate Transaction Attributes Configuring the DispatcherServlet
Using JNDI Datasource Transaction Isolation Levels Building Controller Classes
Integrating JPA with Spring Programming Transactions Introducing ModelAndView
Introduction to Cache Providers like EHCache, for improving performance. Declarative Transactions Studying important View Resolvers
Studying important HandlerMappings
Processing Form Submission
Handling exceptions in Web Application
Rendering views with JSP
Generating PDFand Excel output

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