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SSAD Outline


Structured System Analysis & Design is 5 days program.

Course Contents

Day 1 - Analysis Introduction Day 2 - Analysis (Continued) Day 3 - Design
1. Structured Systems Analysis 3. Processing Specifications (Mini-Specs) 5. Structured Design
Why "Structured" Systems Analysis ? Workshop - Mini-Specs Why "Structured" Systems Design ?
The Structured (Systems) Specification (Document) 4. Data Dictionary (Definition of Terms) Graphic Tools
The Tools of Structured Analysis Workshop - Data Dictionary 6. Tools - The Structure Chart
2. Data Flow Diagrams (Flow of Data) Case Study - Structured Analysis Workshop - The Structure Chart
Workshop - Dataflow Diagrams Workshop - Case Study - Structured Analysis Tools 7. Qualities of a Good Design
Workshop - Quality Analysis
Case Study - Structured Design
Workshop - Case Study - Structure Design Tools
Day 4 - Design (Continued) Day 5 - Case Study
Case Study - Structured Design (Continued) Case Study - Presentation
Workshop - Case Study - Structure Design Tools Workshop - Case Study - Structure Design Tools
8. Transform Analysis/Transaction Analysis 9. Implementation
Workshop - Transaction Analysis Packaging
10. Management Aspects of the Structured Approach
11. Case Study Workshop
12. Course Summary

Note: If client wants hands-on exercises using internationally standard tools that they have, the same can be included in the curriculum but details of the tool need to be provided to the tutors a priori.

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