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Steps to become Test Manager, improve test with metric & exploratory Testing


First day of the program shows the effective 10 steps to ensure a test manager is able to fulfill the responsibility and build confidence to management and team. Second day deals with the software test metrics to manage, control and improve the test process. The Third day deals with exploratory testing model and process

Take Away :

• Identifying and working on top priority areas as a test manager to ensure that the success of the position “manager” is achieved.
• Controlling the software testing process with data, measurement and metrics
• Exploratory testing model and process
• Solving the practical testing problems

Target Audience: :

Test Engineers, Senior Test engineers, Test Lead, Test manager, Project manager, requirement analyst, QA engineers

Duration :

3 Days

Course Contents

Day 1-Ten steps to become successful Test manager Day 2-Improving Software Testing with the Use of Metrics Day 3-Managed Exploratory Testing
Testing Process and Basic Role of a test Manager Why Testing phase is important? Exploratory - why it is important
The ten steps to make him effective Monitoring and controlling testing When it is used
Clarify, Negotiate and Commit to your Role How metrics are important Basic strategy of Exploratory Testing
Understand your Expected result Types of metrics – Basic and compiled Other types of Test Execution Strategies
Know your piece of the business Metrics at Test Requirement phase Manual
Build a Effective and efficient test team Controlling Test Requirement phase Automated
Choose employee wisely Metrics at Test Design and development phase Scripted
Define and model group excellence for testing Controlling Test Design and development phase Ad hoc
Plan the work and work the plan - create some flexibility Metrics at Test Execution phase Exploratory Philosophies
Obliterate barriers Controlling Test Execution phase Cem Kener
Proactively adopt and manage changes Metrics at Test closure / exit phase James Back
Create a legacy to produce result Controlling Test closure / exit phase James Whittaker
Discussion of practical problems Other metrics from Unit and Integration Testing phase Synthesis
Analyzing metrics data for improvements Discussion Q & A Designing Exploratory Tests
Design by Scenario
Design by “Tour” / “end to end path”
Executing exploratory tests
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