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Welcome to embeddedact

EmbeddedACT has key consultants to help engineering final year students to upgrade on latest technologies in the industry so that they will be able to get employment quickly in the industry. We currently conduct Android, Embedded Linux, Driver development Windows/Linux, Kernel Programming Windows/Linux, ES-RT-LK for beginners to learn Embedded Systems, Realtime OS and Linux Kernel Programming, Mobile-Telecom-Wireless communication technology courses, CAN, Bluetooth, Wireless, OpenGL, Tizen SDK, 3D Graphics, Programs.


embeddedACT conducting Corportate Training and Consultation since 2002 for embedded industry in SE Asia and India. Conducting Student Certificate Enrichment Programs with Training Institutes and local varsities. These courses are bridging courses that speed up the Engineering Graduates or Diploma Students to learn embedded skills. We have been conducting freshers programs for graduate joining embedded companies in Singapore / Penang / Kualalumpur / Coimbatore / Chennai as of now

These Courses were developed by internationally recognized trainers who have conducted by Consultants from Singapore, India, US and Korea. By attending these course/module, the students are able to get certification and Fast Track requirement needed by the industry for better employablity.

Corporate could also send the freshly recurited engineers direct our Enrichment Courses so that they will be able to see good results form the engineers. We can also help to evaluate the engineers and help you to short list the best for the difficult design work, and others for application development.

Game & Multimedia Development

• Game Development using C++

• MPEG, JPEG, H.264 Protocols

• Wireless & LTE Workshop

• Android & iPhone App. Development

• Open GL & QT Programming

Core Embedded & Operating Systems

• Advance C/C++/JAVA Programming

• Embedded Architectures ARM, ATOM

• POSIX, ANSI C, MISRA C Programming

• Embedded Computer & Co-Design

• Real Time Programming Workshop

• FPGA & DSP Programming Workshop

Embedded Operating Systems

• Windows Mobile using PDA Platform

• Embedded Linux using PDA Platform

• Linux Kernel Internals Workshop

• Windows Kernel Internals Workshop

• Realtime OS like VxWorks, QNX, ThreadX

Device Drivers Fundamentals

• Linux Device Drivers Workshop

• Windows Device Drivers Workshop

• Bluetooth, Zigbee, CAN, Network Drivers

• USB, Serial, Block Device Drivers

Software Testing & Test Automation

• Effective Software & Testing

• UML Modeling & Programming

• OOAD & UML Workshop

• Agile Testing Workshop

• Quality & Test Automation